Nutrition Coaching

I am excited to announce my Nutrition/Health Coaching Business. I went through a lifestyle nutrition transition in 2014 which has led me to a fitness transformation that I want to share with others.
Have you come to the point you know you need to change your eating and exercise but don’t know where to begin? I can help you figure out your best nutrition plan and then we will look at exercise. Or maybe you have food figured out but need help developing a meal prep plan. I can help you in my 6 week program delving into nutrition.
If you have the food part all figured out I have a 6 week exercise program to help jump start your personal workout.
Email me at or follow the link to setup your discovery session to see if my program is right for you.


Come join me to figure this food part out of a Lifestyle Change
6 weeks of Food talk: 1-hour sessions 1/week
6 weeks of Simple exercise: 1-hour sessions 1/week

What you will receive: In person or Facebook video calls
Email support throughout the 6 or 12-week program
Recipes, food journal, resources and guidelines

• Have you tried every diet under the sun and then some?
• Have you run and walked hundreds of miles each month?
• Have you fasted, detoxed and drank stinky green juice?
And all just to regain the weight and then some?

Come join me on a journey of healthy eating and moderate exercise. We will talk about food choices and timing, what a complex carbohydrate is and why it matters and fun meal prep plans the whole family can participate.
Once we get the food part down jump into exercise. You really don’t have to run on the treadmill for 60 minutes every day!

• Session 1: Let’s talk: Food
o What have you tried and what were the results
o Setting Goals
o Food journal

• Session 2: Food language:
o Calorie counting and why it doesn’t work
o Protein, carbohydrates and water
o Portion control

• Session 3: Label reading:
o Hidden sugar
o Portion size
o Dietary fiber

• Session 4: Meal Preparation: Planning
o Menu planning
o Grocery list
o A trip to the market

• Session 5: Meal Preparation: Doing
o Setting up the kitchen
o Organizing helpers
o Let’s Do This

• Session 6: Kitchen gadgets
o Sous vida
o Grilling
o Baking
o Canning

• Session 7: Let’s talk: Exercise
o What have you tried and what were the results
o Setting Goals
o Health/physical issues
o Let’s measure
o Let’s evaluate

• Session 8: The basics
o Dynamic warmup
o The core holds it all together
o Flexibility

• Session 9: Cardio – every day
o Machines
o Step ups
o Outdoor activities

• Session 10: Strength Training – every other day
o 10 min cardio warmup
o Machines
o Free weights

• Session 11: Weekly routine
o Goals
o Concentration Areas
o Homework

• Session 12: How to measure success:
o The Plan
o Major milestone list
o Look at how far we have come!

I started out at 5’7” and 195# and knew I needed to change. I was active with my 4 kids and fast walking husband hiking and kayaking but knew the weight was effecting how I looked at myself.

I had always seen food as just something you had to eat to keep going – everyone always knew when it was 12pm because I would be hungry and there best be a place to eat Soon.

Sept, 2014 my husband and I changed our diet and by December I had so much more energy I stated we had to join a gym so I had something to do with all this new found energy!
I want to pay this feeling forward to you!

6 – week program – just the food – $750
6 – week program – just exercise – $750
12 – week program – food and exercise – $1400

Let’s talk – free discovery session to talk about your struggles and my solutions.

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